Mic Pompei is hip hop’s Charles Darwin – an evolutionary theorist delivering cutting rhymes and raw personal content, analysed through an eye constantly seeking the grey area. Partnering with Melbourne producer, Dazed, together they bring us his debut... read more

Eloquor – Chapter Seven EP – out now

Chapter Seven is the latest body of work from Melbourne’s Eloquor. The 4 track EP deals with themes of resilience and determination. Such subject matter is not unusual for Eloquor which in many ways has become his signature trait. Accompanied by pro... read more

Sinks – Fraudulence [official video clip]

A pastiche of love, war and hip hop imagery, the clip is a fitting backdrop for Sinks’ fighting words and no-nonsense beat, which also samples a few choice lines from Jay Z’s ‘Moment of Clarity.’ An expression of his “disdain for mass diluted dr... read more

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